Thought I’d trumpet the new website just launched —  for those librarians who love helping kids with literacy:
Here’s the official description, in case you’d like to pass it along:

“For 20 years author Sigmund Brouwer has travelled North America, speaking to as many as 80,000 students annually, helping librarians and teachers get kids hooked on reading.

His frustration that too many parents simply see library staff as ‘bookshelvers’ led to the recent creation of, celebrating the Story Divas and Story Ninjas who are passionate about literacy. It’s also meant to serve as an advocacy site with extra resources for library and school staff to reach out to parents, emphasizing how crucial it is to convince decision makers that the library is the one place that needs the most protection from budget cuts.

Visit the new site to contribute ideas and suggestions, and most of all, to listen to a new song, recently written and recorded in Nashville for Story Divas to take back into the libraries, because yes, ‘it rocks to be a Story Diva’.”
I’ve attached the lyrics of ‘It Rocks To Be A Story Diva’, the song that you can hear on the website: I confess I’m partial it — you can hear my two girls doing the background vocals in the second and third chorus.
I’ve booked studio time to develop PSAs with the song — public service announcement ads — for librarians to download free send to local radio stations. I’m open to suggestions on what you think  should be in the PSA.
here are the song lyrics:

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