Welcome to the Rock & Roll Literacy blog

Welcome to Sigmund Brouwer’s blog for his Rock & Roll Literacy Show. On this site, you’ll be able to keep up with Sigmund as he visits schools with the presentation.

To learn more about Rock & Roll Literacy and Sigmund Brouwer’s books, visit www.rockandroll-literacy.com.


11 responses to “Welcome to the Rock & Roll Literacy blog

  1. i love your website its me kayla the girl at st. john who came up to you

  2. Connie schwieder

    WOW! Sigmund Brouwer brought his ‘Rock & Roll Literacy’ presentation to St. John Fine Arts School this week It was very inspiring. Everyone is absolutely PUMPED about reading AND writing! One Grade 4 student went home that very night and wrote her very first story, “The Very Lucky Kitten”, a ripping good read! They love his books & now they know how to WRITE great stories. Bless you! Our secretary is still singing! Excellent work! Thank you for touching so many hearts and minds.


  3. Your presentation at Aspen Heights Elementary School in Red Deer was upbeat and very informative. The students are excited about starting their next writing project!

  4. hiiiii i loved your show here at william henrey my friend is bothering me abot this!!! hhow do we get our ebooks????

  5. glinda wellsworth

    i just got home from school and today sigmund visited my school!! he was very funny. infact me and my friend were scared that we might get in to trouble because we were laughing so much!! i just have four words for you ann of green gables


  6. I loved your presentation at St. Mary’s school today! You are a really great author and i had alot of fun with you!

  7. Every person at sifton school loved his books.So did I.

  8. Sigmund your visit to Westvale Public School in Waterloo was amazing. The room wasn’t still for a moment. What you delivered was more than any school could ask for. We got lost in your stories and you certainly messed with us! The room moved, laughed and everyone left inspired.

  9. you are awsome my friend bella is named after the kitten it is so cute remeber when you went to mount carmel and st .thomes .more went there. you talked about funny stuff and cool stuff and gross stuff. YOU ARE AWSOME. YOU TALKED ABOUT WEGGIES AND GROSS STUFF. FOR THE LAST TIME YOU ARE AWSOME. love faith
    published by faith rose

  10. William Armstrong

    William armstrong saw Sigmund Brouwer and his rock and roll literacy and they loved him! It was the best time we had when a arther came in. The kids won’t stop singing these words “give me a beat boy to free my sole, I won’t to get lost in your rock and roll, and drift a way.” the kids love you and your books as well. Hope you can come agen.

    Love william Armstrong

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